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General Tooling and Precision Wear Parts

One of the main reasons for using Tungsten Carbide and other hard metals is the additional wear resistance that can be achieved in both moving and static parts.

This is particularly the case in severe service conditions, such as high temperature, and high levels of corrosions and abrasion.

The increased life of wear parts can offer greater productivity and efficiency through improved performance and reduced downtime.

Typical products that we produce include Mould tools (including refurbishment of mould tools), Punches and Dies, Cutters (including re-sharpening of cutters), Injection mould components, and various nozzles and seaming rollers.

We can use customer drawings and product samples to reproduce your designs or we can work with you to develop bespoke solutions to your everyday problems.

We work with products from 0.5mm to 0.5m, in size and regularly work to +/- 3 microns.

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