Super Duplex
Super Duplex


Super Duplex

Super duplex is a stainless steel with a dual phase microstructure, it is made up of roughly 50% of austenitic and 50% of ferrite.


Super Duplex is highly resistant to a variety of corrosion types, including chloride stress, cracking or fatigue. This strong material has a low coefficient expansion and high thermal conductivity, and its levels of resistance to corrosion make it an ideal material to use for a variety of applications. Super Duplex provides good workability properties and ease of welding.


Super Duplex is used on tubes or pipes used for the production of or handling of gas and oil. Its properties allow it to be used with heat exchangers and piping used in desalination plants. It is used in the manufacture of mechanical and structural components. Its effective anticorrosion ability performs in industrial systems such as fans, shafts and press rolls.

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